Dr. Apostolos Chouliaras

Optimal Health Dentistry

Dental Clinic

Optimal Health Dentistry is a modern dental clinic. It offers dental care tailored to your individual needs and desires in a welcoming and comfortable environment.

Dr. Apostolos Chouliaras has a high specialization in comprehensive dental care and pays great attention to aesthetics, which he incorporates in his work.


We provide high-quality, state-of-the-art dental care, and we try to make your visit to the doctor's office a pleasant and as comfortable as possible experience.

We create the conditions for our patients to make positive choices for the health of their teeth.

Our Values

We believe that better dental health is based on mutual trust, respect, communication, and understanding.

Our practice provides quality care with honesty, excellence and integrity.

Our scope

Good oral health promotes overall health. We strive to help the patient achieve and maintain the best possible oral health. We help the patient make changes in life that will improve his quality of life.

Continuous education

We work consistently for the continuous improvement of our technical skills, with a strong commitment to continuous training.


Dental care has a rich history

In ancient times, the man did not know the benefits of proper dental care, and therefore regularly lost his teeth. Primary dental care began to be practiced in Egypt. The first dentistry cases can be traced back to 7500 BC when the Egyptians began to use replacement teeth in place of lost teeth.